The conclusion I draw from these compelling ethnographic studies is that we need to move our focus from cultural, religious, or ethnic diversity to a focus on HUMAN diversity and to see that human thought and action are never entirely reducible to the terms with which we classify, categorize, and conceptualize it


Jackson, M  (Columbia University Press) (2016) The Work of Art
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Not the animal world, not the plants’ world, not the miracle of the spheres, but man himself is now the crucial mystery. Man is the alien presence (…) in whose image society is to be transformed.

Key ideas from the 58th VENICE BIENNALE I identify with

From Brazil: Visibility. Entitlement. Self-representation. Horizontal respectful relationship. Awareness of the complexities of contemporary self-representation. Suggesting the possibility of a collective consciousness rooted in individual action. Careful not to moralize the subject, not to inscribe the work into a pre-established discourse or theory.

FROM FRANCE: Non-linear layout. The audience is given the active role of finding the route. Numerous points of view, varied perspectives, different paths. Every choice is a step ahead. Getting lost becomes the opportunity of retracing, not the same as regretting, your steps.

FROM INDIA: Art as truth and performative experience, passive resistance, peaceful protest, minimal consumption. Space for self-reflection. Call for attentiveness. Invocation to shared futures.

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The differentiation of sex, age, and occupation are not essential to our character, but mere costumes which we wear for a time on the stage of the world.