This world deserves to exist in a diverse way

This world deserves to exist in a diverse way, where all of the wisdom of all peoples can contribute to our collective well-being.

Intellectual acuity and raw genius are shared by all human population across the globe. Different visions of life make for different possibilities for existence. And so whether that genius is placed into is a matter of cultural orientation: Unraveling the complex threads of memory inherent in a myth, creating avenues with technological wizardry…

Anthropologist David Wave life-time experience provides me with an illustrative image for this: Polynesian people are men and women who, even today, can name 250 stars in the night sky. They can sense the presence of distant atolls of islands beyond the visible horizon, simply by watching the reverberation of waves across the hull of their vessel, knowing full well that every island group in the Pacific has its unique refractive pattern that can be read with the same perspicacity with which a forensic scientist would read a fingerprint. They are sailors who in the darkness, in the hull of the vessel, can distinguish as many as 32 different sea swells moving through the canoe at any one point in time, distinguishing local wave disturbances from the great currents that pulsate across the ocean, that can be followed with the same ease that a terrestrial explorer would follow a river to the sea. (Wave Davis TED2008) 

Indeed, if we took all of the genii that allowed us to put our culture on a common worldwide web and applied it to an understanding of the ocean, what you would get is Polynesia.

Having the heart to feel and the eyes to see, you discover that the world is a rich multifaceted topography of the human spirit. Diverse voices of humanity are not failed attempts at being new and progressing. They are unique facets of human creativity. Unique answers to a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human and alive? Collectively, those voices become the human language for our contemporary generation.


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