Fine Art Degree at University of Seville, Spain. Grant and First Price at Foundation Rodriguez Acosta, Granada, Spain.

PhD in Fine Art, at University of Seville, Spain: A study of the artist Javier Winthuysen. His work influenced my work enriching it with his poetics of the garden dimension. Posterior publication: “Javier de Winthuysen, Pintor Jardinero (1984-1956)”

Member, Investigation Group of Contemporary Art Centre (HUM. 747). Faculty of Geography and History, University of Seville. 2001- 2006

Visual Studies Congress, in ARCO 2006 Art Fair

Lecturer, Contemporary Aesthetics and Culture, Drawing Concepts in the Degree of Fashion Design and Management of the Designs School Leonardo da Vinci in Seville (Wales University). 2003 – 2007.

Stays in Israel (Jerusalem), Kenia (Mombasa), USA (Washington and New York) and United Kingdom (London), developing my art concept. Contact and affinity with Motherwell, Wilhelm de Kooning, Basquiat, Antoni Tapies works… for the materials, for the expressionist.  Mark Rothko, Joan Miró or the contemporary Liza Lou because of symbolic, perhaps mystical and full of suggested values. Calapez y Zimmerman for the richness of light in the color transparency


RACE/ Cocktails/ Dostoevsky: Abitare Il mistero / Looking at the tree of life / Youth in Action / Free Poetry



2020 / 2022

Work in progress. Once again experimenting with dynamic image and still image at the same time. By playing with portraits that possess a personal resonance, relationships occur that generate new images.
I nurture the simplicity of basic visual elements: the circle, the triangle and their relationships.
I trace the symbolic: JERUSALEM as a symbol of the final destination common to all men. The FLAG in the wind as the imperative human need for identity, individual and collective. The EYE, as an inescapable filter of knowledge and in need of purification.
I am advancing in assimilating the universal that shapes and unites us.




03-2018 / 05-2019

The strength of the experience of being an inseparable mixture of Reality and Mystery, after the drunkenness that followed making me a regular at Dostoevsky’s Cocktail Bar, gives rise to a metaphorical series of images. Cocktails plays with decontextualized images and relates them. It shows visually what it would be verbally:

Like the Gin and the Tonic in a Gin and Tonic, 
Is the Mystery and the Reality in Man 

Phases of the project:

10 2018 Article published in CANIBAAL Magazine: Gin-Tonic de Realismos y Playa
02 2019 Exhibition in Colombia Pavillion, Seville
03 2019 Lounge of the series of Digital Printing works in my studio in London




11 2016 / 04-2017

In a new attempt to show the Visual Art as a way of knowledge, the work produced with the occasion of the Congress DOSTOEVSKYJ: ABITARE IL MISTERO, is framed in the year of the Centenary of the Russian Revolution of 1917. It has been presented in a forum of reflection dialogued from an interdisciplinary perspective: Is there in Dostoevsky’s anti-moralist narrative a key to overcoming the anti-moralist nihilism of the postmodern era? Is still his way of unraveling the mystery of the human being able to speak to us today?

Phases of the project:

11 / 12 2016 Photography and Video Recording in Mombasa, Kenia.

01 / 02 2017 Paintings. London.

04 / 2017 International Conference at the Pontificia Universitá Della Santa Croce. Paper&Screening and Paintings Exhibition.




02-2014 / 12-2015

This project investigates, via the creative process, the concept of EBRIETAS: The knowledgable gaze and the gaze of knowledge.

I title this project Looking at the Tree of Life, as a way to express the beauty of the call of the Tree of Life is an invitation. If we want to maintain the look, the intensity of nostalgia grows within us, and with it hope.

I have come to discover how the calling of the Tree of life has left a tangible impression on each culture. Its presence crosses the boundaries of time and space: Hom, Iggdrasil, Izata, Kabala, White tree, Plaksha…. It is a universal calling, a channel by which the universal is expressed in the particular.

Phases of the project:

02 / 07 2014 Paintings. West Sussex Residence. London.

01 / 06 2015 Movie Recreating paintings. Sevilla.

09 / 12 2015 Graphic pieces: Repetitions and variations of meaning.



YOUTH IN ACTION European Union Programm YT7-PYWMOB

11-2012 / 06-2013

Youth dealer in an Educational and Cultural Program to introduce youth immigrants to London’s cultural environment, encouraging an understanding of art and performance and fostering mutual understanding and communication between teenagers from countries across the world.




12-2012 / 12-2013

Working in my studio in London exploring the poetic dimension in visual language combining video and painting and developing video-art and digital-art as an approach of abstraction in painting.

The project used classic/contemporary topics as reference/research points eg “Ut Pictura Poesis” (applying it to our digital era), “A-live metaphor” Paul Ricoeur and Aesthetics of four Taoist thresholds (Empathy, Vital Rhythm, Reticence, Emptiness).

Exhibition in C26, The  Biscuit Factory Space on December 2013.

I am living and working in between Seville and London. Actually in London

Understanding art as a form of life: always active, in constant gestation

I experience as an artist what Heidegger concludes as a philosopher: Art, as a truth-put-into-reality, is poetry. Art as a way of knowledge, a play of convergence between beauty and truth. This is the passion which pushes me towards this task. Towards my current study of the concept of Ebrietas: Knowledge through gazing and the gaze of knowledge

Meeting in the poetic dimension an ideal instrument for the creative act by through the adjustment of the values of poetry with the nature of reality

Reality and poetry have a structural symbolic manifestation and concealment, in both there is the ambiguity of “being like”, being and non-being

The elements which construct poetry: metaphor, symbol, formal synthesis or abstraction, give to this ambivalence an expressive channel of truth. Allowing the artist and the spectator to communicate with their inner selves, because the suggested sense echoes the contents of our own inner conscious or unconscious. Being the area in which is revealed the true knowledge

In this poetical concept as visual language, I find an open channel for our contemporary look, which search through the image

Working in a global city like London, the historical crossroads of the world, the financial capital, which stimulates cultural development is a form of drinking from living waters. As in the great experiments between global institutions journeying on different crossroads within the village of the globe, I seek dialogue between different visual disciplines: cinema, photography, visual, graphic design, painting, theatre.

ICA, ArtQuest and ForumArt member. Art events in White Chapel Gallery and Art Links. Workshops with students from Central Saint Martin and Chelsea College in my studio, based in V22 Workspace, Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey. Screen London Studio member.

Literary circles with students from MA in Comparative Literature at the University of Kent. Discovering in dialog with them Paul Ricoeur philosophy.

Between my lately thought sources have: “Ebrietas. El poder de la belleza”, de Pirfano, I.“Duino Elegies”, “Letters to a Young Poet”, “Book of Hours”. Rilke, R. M., “Four quartets”. Eliot, T. S. “Cantico espiritual”, San Juan de la Cruz. “Living Metaphor”, Ricoeur, Paul. “Mark Rothko. Escritos sobre arte (1934-1969)”. “Eduardo Chillida. Escritos” . “Texts of the easthetic Taoism”. “Uber das Geistige in der Kunst”, V. Kandinsky


WORKS in Private Collections & Institutions/ Publications/ Conferences

WORKS In Private collections/ Institutions

Teresa Bevin. Santa Fe, New Mexico. Robinson Wood. Florida. Miami. Fernando Iniguez Ovando. Seville, Spain. Fernandez Ruiz & Cruzado, Seville, Spain. Barada & Aymerich, Washington DC. Montserrat Lambert, Santiago de Chile, Chile. Ignacio Vicens y Hualde, Madrid, Spain. De la Lastra & Viu. Sevilla. Spain.

Cervantes Institute in Chicago, Illinois. ANTARES,Club Finances Seville, Spain. Hacienda Casa-Palacio Valparaiso. Sevilla, Spain. Pan American Health Organization. Washington  DC. Museo de Carruajes de Sevilla. Spain. Foundation Andalusian Culture. Sevilla. Spain.




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2009  Cristina Ojea Aymerich, Javier de Winthuysen Pintor Jardinero (1874 -1956). Colección Arte Hispalense, Number 87. Diputación de Sevilla. Editorial, Area de Cultura e Identidad.  ISBN 978-84-7798-277-7

2005  One hundred authors: Diccionario de Ateneistas II, Ateneo de Seville, Editorial. ISBN 978-84-695-6756-2

1998  Cristina Aymerich Ojea, Illustrations and Animations for Proyecto Principe, Educational text books. DOSSAT Editorial, Madrid, Spain.  




2017  An experience of vertical knowledge. Internacional Conference, Pontificia Universitá della Santa Croce. Paper Presenting a Video Arte Piece and an Instalation of Painting.

2012  Poetry and Abstraction, Coffee and Culture Lecture Series, Chelsea Arts Club, London

2006  Moda  y  Arte  Contemporáneo, Museo Carruajes de Sevilla. Seville Fashion Week II. Delegación de  Economía  e  Industria  del  Ayuntamiento  de Sevilla,  in collaboration with Asociación Amigos de la Moda, Seville, Spain 



2019 COCKTAILS. Studio Vernissage. London. UK

2017 VOICES IN THE SILENCE. Palazzo di Sant’Apollinare. Roma.

2014 Platero y Cia. Foundation Andalusian Culture Exhibition Space. Sevilla. Spain

Museo Felipe Godines, Moguer. Programa Centenario Platero y yo. Huelva. Spain

2013 Secret Poetry. C62 The BiscuitFactory Space. London

2011 ROJO. Galería Concha Pedrosa. Sevilla. Spain

2008 Galería ARTEXXI. Madrid. Spain

2006 The Universe in each Face. Galería X Sabio 13. Sevilla. Spain

2005 Colour Playing. Taberna del Alabardero. Sevilla. Spain

Colour Playing . Casa de la Cultura. Alcalá Guadaíra Town Hall. Sevilla. Spain

2004 Rhythm variations.  Galería ARTEXXI. Madrid. Spain

2003 Museo de Carruajes de Sevilla. Spain

2001 FRANCFURTER BUCHMESSE 2001. International Art Fair. Franckfurt. GERMANY

2000 Interior journey. Galería BATIK INTERNATIONAL  ART. Barcelona. Spain

ARTESANOS ART GALERY. International Fair. Coral Gables, Florida USA

MAC’ 21 International Fair. Marbella. Spain

Galería GAUDÍ. Madrid. Spain

Chicago, Illinois

Sala Exposiciones Caja Sur – Reyes Católicos. Córdoba. Spain

1999 Galería ANTARES. Sevilla, Spain

Galería MONTECASINO. Puerto de Sta. María. Cádiz. Spain

HV Gallery Washington  DC

Pan American Health Organization. Washington  DC

1998 Sala IMAGEN. Concurso Caja de San Fernando. Sevilla. Spain

1997 Let go. BATIK INTERNATIONAL  ART. Barcelona. Spain

1994 Landscapes. Monasterio de Gibraleón. Sevilla. Spain