The conclusion I draw from these compelling ethnographic studies is that we need to move our focus from cultural, religious, or ethnic diversity to a focus on HUMAN diversity and to see that human thought and action are never entirely reducible to the terms with which we classify, categorize, and conceptualize it


Jackson, M  (Columbia University Press) (2016) The Work of Art
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No el mundo animal, ni el mundo vegetal, ni el milagro de las esferas, sino el hombre mismo es ahora el misterio crucial

Key ideas from the 58th VENICE BIENNALE I identify with

From Brazil: Visibility. Entitlement. Self-representation. Horizontal respectful relationship. Awareness of the complexities of contemporary self-representation. Suggesting the possibility of a collective consciousness rooted in individual action. Careful not to moralize the subject, not to inscribe the work into a pre-established discourse or theory.

FROM FRANCE: Non-linear layout. The audience is given the active role of finding the route. Numerous points of view, varied perspectives, different paths. Every choice is a step ahead. Getting lost becomes the opportunity of retracing, not the same as regretting, your steps.

FROM INDIA: Art as truth and performative experience, passive resistance, peaceful protest, minimal consumption. Space for self-reflection. Call for attentiveness. Invocation to shared futures.

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La diferenciación de sexo, edad y ocupación no son esenciales para nuestro carácter, sino meros trajes que usamos durante un tiempo en el escenario del mundo.