Since there has been cultural evolution on planet Earth, we are not determined by the culture we belong to by birth. Both, location and the features of our body, are the starting point shaping our identity. But we are the ones saying the last word. If we are the kind of person not content with waiting for changes to happen, it would be a human-rational-being deed to start rethinking what our culture is supposed to be. Taking into account we make culture, it is not the culture that makes us. And for this exercise of reflection to be realistic, we better think together, in a human and humanizing conversation: listening to the truth of the other, getting touched by the experience others have gone through, discovering the already existing bridges between different faces of the same reality, losing ourselves in the unknown to be able to reach a new port through dialogue. Hence to dare directing the evolution of culture for the best, rather than passively taking for granted what we see as the established behavior around us.


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