Key ideas from the 58th VENICE BIENNALE I identify with

From Brazil: Visibility. Entitlement. Self-representation. Horizontal respectful relationship. Awareness of the complexities of contemporary self-representation. Suggesting the possibility of a collective consciousness rooted in individual action. Careful not to moralize the subject, not to inscribe the work into a pre-established discourse or theory.

FROM FRANCE: Non-linear layout. The audience is given the active role of finding the route. Numerous points of view, varied perspectives, different paths. Every choice is a step ahead. Getting lost becomes the opportunity of retracing, not the same as regretting, your steps.

FROM INDIA: Art as truth and performative experience, passive resistance, peaceful protest, minimal consumption. Space for self-reflection. Call for attentiveness. Invocation to shared futures.

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En lo que se refiere al significado del arte chino, no parece que siga siendo defendible una distinción clara entre el modo de interpretar que entendemos como occidental y el modo oriental. Ciertamente EXISTE DIFERENCIA EN EL IDIOMA, los lectores y el ambiente académico, PERO LA COLABORACIÓN GLOBAL Y EL APRENDIZAGE MUTUO SE HAN CONVERTIDO EN LA TENDENCIA DOMINANTE.