• I was wondering whether we are supposed to take the polychromatic society we happen to live in as a threat. I would rather take it as a challenge. Shall we not dear to trying to minding the ethnosphere, as it has become in the current time: provocative in its diversity? Even more than that, I believe the job of contributing to the balance of the co-existing ethnic groups on the planet is one of the more passionate duties entrusted to us.
    On my thirst for understanding the human experience of being and being alive, I was attending last summer a well-documented course on Anthropology at Goldsmith University in London, UK. The lectures went on through what we Westerns used to call “the others” cultural categories. It aimed to increase our awareness and help to unmask unconscious preconceived filtres. In other words, to take each other culture within its own codes. At the end of it, I found myself writing the piece of paper that heads this post. I don’t feel like denying or criticizing yesterday’s errors, which at the end of the day are due to our predecessors. Actually, is just the present time that belongs to us. I see it is time to make the best of what we have been given and pass it on to our successors. My choice is to work for creating new meaning from the global society in which we dwell: an almost unprecedented melt of ethnic groups, races, and ways of living.


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